If you're anything like me, then you possess basic baking tools and ingredients.  This page will house the items that I have found make baking for these challenges better or are a little more difficult to locate at your local store. 

Jelly Roll Pan

Mentioned in Carrot Cake Swiss Roll

Find yourself wanting to tackle a swiss roll?  Yes, I can attest that a half sheet pan will suffice in a pinch, but please trust me when I say that a jelly roll pan will produce a sponge of a more proper size and thickness.  

Savarin Mold

As seen to Create Mary Berry's Cherry Cake

For a Southern baker like myself, no kitchen is complete without a bundt pan and if you want to make Mary Berry's Cherry Cake, a bundt will certainly do.  If you are looking for authenticity and an exact match of the cake in the Season 1 Episode 1 Technical Challenge, then you will need to purchase a Savarin Ring Mold.

Glace Cherries

As seen in Mary Berry's Cherry Cake

Glace, or candied, cherries seem to appear often in recipes on GBBO.  If you are located in Europe these very well could be easily located at your grocery, however, if you're in the US like me, you might not be able to locate these in your local store until the holiday season.  You can purchase online year-round or make them yourself using this recipe.

Ground Almonds

As seen in Mary Berry's Cherry Cake

Another ingredient I am seeing appear often in European baking, ground almonds can indeed be picked up at Trader Joe's if you are fortunate enough to live near one.  However, you can also find some readily available online.