Welcome to The Great Bham Bake Project!  This site has been launched in the summer of 2017 to take you through my journey baking through the UK based television competition show, The Great British Bake Off.

 My name is Alexandra - native of Birmingham, Alabama, wife, mother, and amateur baker.  I stumbled upon the show, The Great British Bake Off, several years ago and quickly became, in a word, obsessed.  Besides being completely charmed by the participants and setting of this show, it makes me want to jump up and start baking.  I’m constantly intrigued by everything created on the show because it seems so – shall I say – foreign to me.  I want to taste all these yummy looking, complex, and in a way, odd, recipes while also challenging my self-proclaimed prowess in the kitchen.

 So join me on my quest as I bake every item in every challenge of the seasons of The Great British Bake Off by subscribing to my site and following me on Instagram.